Washing & Grooming

Whether a simple wipe down, nail clip, or shampoo & conditioning, our staff can help. Hair cutting services are not presently offered.


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​​​​Boarding & Day care

Trust our facilities to accomodate your pet. "Safe, sanitary and strong" are the "Three S's" we uphold and standby here at our kennels. 



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Baden Bandogges are a culmination of some of the finest modern-day Molossus dogs.

For more than twenty years, our professionals have practiced responsible and strategic breeding. We are very proud of our history and hence look forward to a hopeful future.

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Basic Training

While boarding your pet with us, arrange for them to learn and practice commands and obedience. Food rewards are catered to each individual.

We adopt, rescue and re-home a wide variety of animals. Tell us what you're looking for, and one of our reps will contact you about availability and adoption oppourtunities.

Upcoming litters

Exercise & Therapy

We offer your dog hours of playtime and socialization. Dogs with special needs and behavioral issues recieve time and care to suit ther needs.

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