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Our practices are tried and true. Litters are carefully planned and assigned to homes, prior to whelp.


Basic obedience is commonplace while your pet is in our care. However, more stringent and focused sessions can be arranged.


Recurring day care, periodic vacations, or long stays... 

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Mr. Kyle Jefferson
Proud Owner

             AVA RAYE

Baden Bandogges are some of the finest Molosser dogs in the DMV. We love our new addition to the family! Thanks, Baden Bandogges


the History of ALPHA OMEGA

   Our love for molosser dogs began in the late 80's with Irish Wolfhounds.

This breed kindled our interest in sporting dogs, which led us into a decade

of rabbit and deer hunting. As we practiced less hunting and more wildlife conservation, bully and mastiff-type dogs established their place in our lives.

   The first venture away from hounds came with the American Bulldog. Some of our earliest pedigrees displayed important foundation stock from 'Johnson' and 'Scott' bloodlines. By the late 90's, we'd acquired a Cane Corso pup from "Stonecroft Kennels," beginning a passion for the beautiful breed.

   That passion was somewhat short-lived however, for the Presa Canario would steal the show and hold the title for many years. Throughout our experience, we've owned and handled dozens of breeds such as Bordeaux, Boerboel, Broholmer, Brasiliero and Neopolitan to name a few. Each dog has left its impression upon us and they all have a special place in our hearts.